Which political fan bases mirror college football fan bases?

A voter drops his ballot into the ballot box at the Riley County Republican Party Presidential Caucus on March 5, 2016, at Manhattan High School. (File Photo by Parker Robb | The Collegian)

Monday night, I was sitting in my living room wanting, needing something to write about. In this lengthy period of writer’s block, I was given the gift of an article by asking a simple question:

“What college football fan base reminds you of Bernie Bros?”

If you don’t know what “Bernie Bros” are, it’s the fan base that has been active in backing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.

I received answers that ranged from teams all over the country, which sparked laughter and the idea for this article.

It made me think, what other college football fan bases remind me of supporters of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and yes, Sanders? Each of them have a unique way of standing out and letting their voices be heard and carry themselves differently. It’s one of the best things to come out of this in an era of frustrating discord in the political arena.

Since I think the term “Bernie Bros” is hilarious, I’m going to start with them.

Bernie Bros are in some ways new to the world of politics, and they think since they’re the most active and vocal that they should be heard by the political establishment. It’s just like that in the world of college football, as we’ve seen the rise of schools like Boise State, Baylor and Houston.

Those schools are active just like the “Bernie Bros” when it comes wanting respect and legitimacy, though they border on the annoying side if they feel like they’re being slighted by the establishment. Schools like Boise State, Baylor and Houston getting frustrated after being passed over makes some sense, especially in light of the Democratic National Committee’s email gaffe brought to us by Wikileaks.

Boise State, Baylor and the Bernie Bros. Brothers in arms.

Clinton and Trump supporters are pretty easy. Both are the establishment and the “elites” that they try to distances themselves from. Still, there’s a difference and I’ll explain that.

With the Clinton supporters, like some college football fan bases, they have been to the mountaintop for a while, yet they expect to be treated like they’re the only ones that matter.

For that, you’ve got to go with Notre Dame, BYU, Texas, Ohio State and Michigan.

All five have strong, diehard fan bases, yet they are among some of the most annoying fan bases because they demand you respect them based on their name, kinda like that lady in the $10,000 pantsuits. So don’t be shocked if you hear Clinton whistle the Notre Dame fight song on the campaign trail.

And lastly, the Trump supporters.

The Trump fan base, like some college fan bases, are all about dominance. They are the current kings of the castle in their eyes and all they care about is winning and showing off how much they win.

This one was pretty easy, Trump supporters remind me of Alabama and Oregon fans.

They have to remind you of how much they win, who they’ve beaten and how they’ve gotten all these resources. While Oregon’s fan base hasn’t won a national title, their fans will remind you of how “next level” they are, like most of Trump’s supporters. Alabama, on the other hand, has won a lot. To paraphrase “The Donald” himself, Alabama fans have so won so much, they’re gonna get tired of winning!

It’s all fun and games until Trump drops a “Roll Tide” on election night.