City of Manhattan issues boil advisory after water treatment plant power outage

(File Photo Illustration by George Walker | The Collegian)

UPDATE 11:15 am:

The water treatment plant lost power at 2:40 am according to a press release sent out by the city of Manhattan and was restored a 7:00 am.

The city of Manhattan, working with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, issued a precautionary boil advisory for all Manhattan residents.

The low pressure from the power outage could cause a loss of chlorine residuals and increase the likelihood for bacterial contamination in tap water.

The area most affected by the advisory is north of Kimball Ave. and west of Seth Child Road including Colbert Hills, Grand Mere and Tattarax Hills.

The city suggest boiling all water before either drinking or using it to cook with, throwing away all ice made with an automatic ice maker, and disinfecting dishes in clean tap water mixed with one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water.

Water for bathing should be usable but children bathing should be supervised to prevent from ingesting the water.

The advisory will remain in effect until the KDHE deems the water safe again after testing at a certified laboratory.

Earlier this morning, the city of Manhattan issued a warning to residents urging them to use extreme water conservation methods this morning after a power outage at the city’s water treatment plant stopped the pumping of water into the water towers.

According to the city of Manhattan’s website, residents should only use water for “critical matters” and turn off all irrigation systems.

The city also suggests citizens to take shorter showers or a bath, turn off the water while performing your morning routine (brushing teeth, shaving, ect.), avoid using the garbage disposal and to put off doing the laundry until the problem has been fixed.

Check back to the Collegian later for updates on the boil advisory

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