Street Talk: Waiting for books



An hour and 15 minutes. I’ve had better experience with the bookstore.

Daniel Wilson, sophomore in management information systems


Twelve minutes, but I was here yesterday and couldn’t get all of my books. They only had two people working the register then.

Breck Winter, sophomore in wildlife and outdoor enterprise management


An hour. We’re thinking about opening our own bookstore when we graduate to be an alternative solution.

Olivia Harding, junior in business, Carley Conley, senior in agricultural education, and Lindsay Davis, senior in hospitality management


We just got here. We’re going to be waiting forever. It’s awful that they closed Varney’s because this is really inefficient.

Mo Stott, senior in finance, and Garrett Haney, senior in finance


About two hours. I wish Varney’s was still open.

Zach Barnett, junior in construction science and management

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