Agriculture clubs entice new members with watermelon

Shakyra Everett, Agriculture Student Council vice president and senior in agricultural communication and journalism, holds up a slice of watermelon to her dog Bella at the College of Agriculture Watermelon Feed on Aug. 30, 2016. (John Benfer | The Collegian)

Watermelons were the incentive; promotion was the intent. The College of Agriculture held its annual watermelon feed outside Weber Hall Tuesday where around 40 clubs and organizations showcased their groups.

“A lot of planning by the Ag Council went into today’s event,” Jeff Austin, senior in park management and conservation and wildlife enterprise management, said. “It’s mainly about the new students, making them aware of all the clubs that they could be involved in.”

All of the clubs within the College of Agriculture have their merits, he said.

“As the council, we’re here to guide the clubs and get them the recognition they need,” Austin said.

Clubs ranged from the Bakery Science Club, which makes cookies on a regular basis, to the George Wright Society, which is dedicated to the preservation of natural parks and reserves.

Susi Algrim, graduate student in park management conservation, said the George Wright Society does various work, including cleaning up and promoting the conservation of parks.

Members of Kansas State Block and Bridle showcased their club with a display of pictures of past and present members that have been successful with the help of Block and Bridle.

“Our club is focused on teaching leadership skills and helping students find jobs post-graduation,” Jaclyn Ketchum, junior in animal sciences and industry and a member of Block and Bridle, said.

The club does this through scholarships and conventions, raising money to pay for things like the watermelon feed, Ketchum said.

The watermelon juice wasn’t the only thing dripping today as rain clouds moved in, making some students leave early. Overall, the event saw a large turnout of students and many new names added to the ranks of the numerous clubs.