K-State football possesses best cost-per-win average in Big 12

(Graphic by Audrey Hockersmith)

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While the expense on a football program may not directly translated into wins, Kansas State had the cheapest expense per win of any Big 12 team in 2014.

K-State’s football team spent $1.9 million for every win. The University of Kansas had the second most expensive cost per win in the Big 12 at $6.9 million.

That year, K-State went 9-4 and spent $17 million on the program while earning $34.7 million. KU went 3-9 while spending $20.8 million and earning $26 million.

The revenue and expense numbers come from the U.S. Department of Education’s Equity in Athletics Data Analysis. The most recent numbers come from 2014.

When compared with other power five conference schools, K-State has the fourth-best cost per win, behind only Oregon, Mississippi State and Georgia Tech.

K-State’s cost per win was low because of a relatively high revenue and relatively strong win-loss record.

Across the NCAA, the Texas football program brought in the most revenue at $121 million. Texas went 6-7 in 2014.

Of the top-30-revenue teams, Texas and Michigan were the only two teams with losing records. Michigan earned $88 million, which was fifth-best in the country, while going 5-7.

Three SEC schools spent the most on their programs. Alabama spent $51 million, followed by Auburn at $40 million and Florida at $37 million.

Next week the Collegian will publish the full data from all NCAA Division I FBS programs.

Jason Tidd graduated from Kansas State University's Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2017. He was the spring 2017 editor-in-chief, fall 2016 news editor and spring 2016 assistant news editor. While at K-State, Jason played baritone in the Pride of Wildcat Land marching band.