Wefald Hall residents gather at block party

Harley Schuster, freshman in architecture, races to the bottom of an inflatable obstacle course at the Goodnow and Wefald block party on Oct. 2, 2016. (Regan Tokos | The Collegian)

Walking by the corner of Claflin Road and Denison Avenue, music was audible and a giant, colorful inflatable obstacle course was visible at 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The music and obstacle course were part of a community event for the residents of the new building on the block, Wefald Hall.

Brandon Heide, junior in architecture and an organizer for the event, said the party was intended to be like a block party. There were yard games, sand volleyball and an inflatable obstacle course.

“Our theme is ‘new kids on the block,’” Heide said. “So we wanted to play off that for this event and create a fun, outdoor, picnic-feeling gathering that people can hang out at and end the weekend with, too.”

Mckinna Shelton, freshman in elementary education, said the event was a great social opportunity for Wefald Hall and new Kansas State students.

“I think it’s cool,” Shelton said. “I think the turnout is really good and I think it’s a really great way to socialize with people in our building and get to know people, especially because most of us are freshmen here.”

Raine Andrews, junior in elementary education and another organizer for the event, also said the free food offered at the block party was a draw for the students living in residence halls as the halls don’t have meal opportunities on Sunday nights.

“Food brings everyone here initially,” Andrews said. “Then it’s our job to keep everyone here with fun social activities and the inflatable and it’s cool having our DJ out here, too.”

In fact, the DJ for the event was a Wefald Hall resident himself. Austin Telck, freshman in architectural engineering, said he has been working as a DJ for a couple years and began out of Salina, Kansas. However, he said that college events vary from some of the other events he has had experience with in the past such as weddings.

“Mostly it’s testing the water and seeing how people feel because I have not done many college parties,” Telck said. “I’ve done a couple, but I did weddings so like the list was already kind of given to me.”

Telck said even though he was working for the whole event, he still planned to enjoy and interact with his fellow residents.

“What I plan on doing is playing a couple line dances and if they don’t know it, well there’s got to be a teacher somewhere and that’s me,” Telck said.

Andrews said Telck is not the only Wefald resident that was able to be involved in the planning and execution of the event.

“We did a lot of advertising,” Andrews said. “We actually created fliers that a resident made, so that’s another way we incorporated our residents into planning this event.”

Andrews and Heide both said the planning process took about four to five weeks.

Overall, Heide said this event is important because the Wefald residence hall is so new, and he hopes they helped to create a positive image and future for the hall.

“We’re getting to help set this tone for what we want Wefald to look like in the future,” Heide said. “So that’s kind of the idea behind all that we’re doing this semester.”

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