Review: “The Addams Family”


“The Addams Family” is now at the top of my list of movies to watch around Halloween time, or any time really. It’s funny, quirky and just a good time. It’s perfect for people wanting to partake in the Halloween holiday spirit but who are not into the scary side of it all.

The 1991 movie follows a very familiar trope. One character is sent to integrate him or herself within a group for less-than-admirable purposes, i.e., espionage or thievery. Then that character starts to bond with said group, yet is forced to betray them, only to end up siding with them in the end when it really matters.

Gordon is that character sent to pretend to be the Addams family’s long-lost brother and uncle, Fester Addams. Despite the Addams family’s peculiarities (to put it nicely), he relishes his role as Gomez Addams’ dear brother and Pugsley’s and Wednesday’s loving and slightly destructive uncle. He might have been there for the Addams’ vault, but he ends up with new family connections.

Even if viewers recognize the slightly cliche plot line, the antics of all the family members was random enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Let’s take a moment to truly appreciate Wednesday Addams and her very obvious, unapologetic homicidal tendencies.

One complaint I have with this movie is that the graphics leave something to be desired at some points of the movie. That being said, the movie was made in early nineties, and I didn’t have any higher expectations than what I was given. I’m just spoiled with more modern graphics in movies today.

One thing that could be taken as a complaint but I didn’t really see it that way is the awkward sexual energy between Gomez and Morticia. I wouldn’t say the odd allusions to unconventional relations actually made the movie any worse. I will say it was just uncomfortable enough for it to be hilarious at just the right moments.

With this movie being so iconic and having a long history of television adaptions, musicals and more, I am very sorry it took me so long to watch it. It presents family values in a way that isn’t really expected.

I did have a few questions at the end of the movie that are going to bother me until the end of time, constantly nagging at the back of my brain.

  • With how often Thing walks on its fingertips, how much does it spend on manicures?
  • How much time does Morticia spend on her makeup? She has some quality smokey eye going on.
  • Do they really eat cyanide? If so, why aren’t they dead?

There are more, but these are the big ones. Does anyone really know?

Kelsey Kendall
Hi everyone! I'm a senior in journalism and cultural anthropology. My favorite things are storytelling, coffee and meeting new people. In that order.