JK Review: Pizza Shuttle vs. Jeff’s Pizza Shop


Late-night pizza is a magical thing, perfect for midnight study sessions or nights of having fun in Aggieville, which is why it is time to figure out the best place to get an after-hours pizza.

Pizza Shuttle’s small pizza: half cheese, half supreme ($7.50)

Pizza Shuttle’s cheese

Julia: Cheese may be the greatest invention of all time. So, I was expecting any cheese pizza to have lots of it. First looking at Pizza Shuttle’s cheese slice, I was pretty impressed. There was a good amount of cheese on it with plenty of yummy grease to compliment it. The cheese on this slice tasted delicious and cheesy, exactly how I wanted it. The only take back for me was the crust. It was a tad rough and hard to chew. However, the cheese outdid it, and so did the price. In comparison to Jeff’s, this cheese slice has my vote.

Kelsey: Cheese and I have a special relationship. I love cheese with a passion, so looking at that beautiful, greasy cheese pizza made my heart happy. This pizza was perfection with not too much sauce and a wonderful amount a cheesy goodness. I don’t typically eat the crust of my pizzas, though I will admit this was not the greatest crust out there. It was a little tough to chew. Still, out of the two cheese pizzas we tried, Pizza Shuttle was my favorite.

Pizza Shuttle’s supreme

J: I like my pizza with a lot of toppings. I rarely eat just plain pizza. On Pizza Shuttle’s slice of supreme were A LOT of toppings, all the ones you can expect to find on supreme — pepperoni, mushrooms, Italian sausage, onions, black olives, etc. The toppings’ combination on the first bite was amazing. The crust still threw me off a tad, but you definitely get enough toppings for your money, but not necessarily a ton of sauce.

K: I’m going to have to admit I don’t really care for mushrooms and olives. For the sake of the review, I didn’t act like a toddler and pick off any of the toppings (except for a really big mushroom). All that said, I’m going to have to say this was my least favorite of the pizzas Julia and I tried. There wasn’t enough cheese to make up for the veggies on the pizza, and, like the cheese pizza from Pizza Shuttle, the crust was a little hard to chew. Really, I just didn’t care for this pizza whatsoever.

Jeff’s Pizza Shop’s small pizza: half cheese, half supreme ($10.82)

Jeff’s cheese

J: The best part about this cheese slice wasn’t necessarily the cheese, but the sauce and crust. Compared to Pizza Shuttle, there was not a terrible amount of difference in taste. A better crust and sauce with a higher price tag. In my opinion, not exactly worth it. If you’re going to Jeff’s, make sure to read about Jeff’s supreme, which impressed me more than this slice.

K: I was not impressed at all with this pizza. There was definitely more sauce and more spices to said sauce, but when you get a cheese pizza, you expect cheesy goodness. I would ask for at least twice as much cheese as we were given. The only redeeming quality of this slice was the crust, which had a more crunchy texture and a garlic taste to it.

Jeff’s supreme

J: Everything about this slice of supreme was perfect. The toppings were about that of Pizza Shuttle, but so much better. In this instance, quality over quantity applies directly. The toppings, all the same as Pizza Shuttle’s (pepperoni, mushrooms, Italian sausage, onions, black olives, etc.) had a more “real” taste, as I mentioned in the video. The mix of these with their delicious sauce, which had 10 times more flavor, definitely got my vote for the best slice of supreme pizza.

K: Remember when I said I didn’t like mushrooms and olives? This pizza converted me. Maybe it was because the toppings were chopped smaller or they covered it with cheese so I couldn’t see I was about to take a bite of mushroom, but I actually really enjoyed this pizza. Enough so that I would actually say this was my favorite pizza out of all the pizzas we tried. There were plenty of flavors that made this a pretty darn fantastic slice of heaven.

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