Service Inspections: Oct. 26


Jeff’s Pizza Shop

1102 Laramie St.

Date: Oct. 19, 2016

Reason: Regular

Result: In Compliance

KDA_5_50117 There is no covered receptacle inside of the women’s restroom for sanitary napkins.

KDA_4_20211A2 On the utensil rack, there was one (1/6) plastic food-grade container with cracks on the bottom. On the rack above the three-compartment sink, there were two (1/3) and four (1/6) plastic food-grade containers with cracks on the sides and bottoms. Corrected-on site, discarded.

KDA_4_60111A On a metal counter to the left of the pizza oven, there was a plastic container being used to store metal spatulas. There was dried food debris buildup on the bottom (inside) of the container. Corrected-on site, moved to the ware-wash area.

KDA_6_30511B There were coats being stored on a rack above a metal food-prep table. (Note: No food-prep work during the inspection.) Corrected-on site, the person in charge removed them.

KDA_7_10211 On a metal food-prep table, there was a working spray bottle with clear liquid in it and it was not labeled. The person in charge sprayed the solution on his hand and he said it smelled like sanitizer. Corrected-on site, labeled the bottle.

KDA_3_30412B In the sugar and salt bins, the measuring cup handles were in direct contact with the sugar and salt.

KDA_3_50116A2 “All cold holding units were checked and all foods were in compliance (unless otherwise noted in this report).” Freezers: All potentially hazardous food was frozen. In the Beverage Air reach-in cooler, there was an open bag of sliced pepperoni at 44 F and a plastic food-grade container of shredded cheese at 46 F. The person in charge said he removed them from the walk-in cooler around 10:55 a.m. and made an order. The temperatures were taken around 11:30 a.m. (less than four hours). The ambient air temperature of the unit was reading 41.7 F. Corrected-on site, kept the unit closed.

KDA_4_60211E4 Inside of the ice machine, there was mold on the plastic ice deflector. At the soda fountain machine, there was pink slime on the plastic ice chute. Corrected-on site, cleaned.

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority

1835 Todd Rd.

Date: Oct. 14, 2016

Reason: Regular

Result: In Compliance

KDA_3_30212 On the counter to the left of the stove, there was a clear plastic food-grade container with a white granular substance and it was not labeled. The cook said it was salt.

KDA_4_60111A The meat slicer had dried food debris on the blade and on the metal frame of the slicer. The machine was stored clean and covered with a black trash bag. Corrected-on site, cleaned and sanitized. In a lower cabinet, there were four white, plastic food-grade containers with the original plastic wrap still attached to the edges (can hold bacteria). Corrected-on site, moved to the ware-wash area.

KDA_3_50116A2 In the Amana reach-in cooler (late plates/leftovers), there were plastic food-grade containers of rice at 45 F and 46.6 F, cooked mixed vegetables at 44.2 F, bean dip at 45.6 F, chicken fried steaks at 46.8 F, mashed potatoes at 45.9 F, gravy at 44.2 F, crab rangoon (with cream cheese) at 45.4 F and cooked ground beef at 44.9 F. The temperature gauge had a setting on three. Corrected-on site, discarded the food and the cook adjusted the temperature gauge to five and now the unit is reading 37.4 F.

KDA_6_50112A There is food debris on the floor below the stove/grill. There is trash, a plastic cup and food debris buildup on the floor below the mechanical dish machine.

3-501.17(A) In the True reach-in cooler (in the kitchen), there was a metal food-grade pan with bags of cooked pulled pork. An employee said they were made on Oct. 10 and frozen the same day. She said they removed them from the freezer on Oct. 13. Corrected-on site, consumed for lunch on Oct. 14. (Note: Educated about date marking with the original make date and thaw date.)

4-102.11(B)(1) In the dry food storage room, there was flour being stored in direct contact (inside) of a non-food-grade black trash bag. (Note: The black trash bag was inside of a white, plastic food-grade bin.) Corrected-on site, placed the flour inside of the food-grade bin.

KDA_3_50114A2 In the True reach-in cooler, there was a plastic food-grade container with cooked baked potatoes at 44.3 F, 46.6 F, 44.4 F, 45 F, 43.6 F, 44.9 F, 45.6 F, 43.8 F and 47.2 F. An employee said they were made on Oct. 13 around 4 p.m. (not able to cool down to 41 F within six hours). The ambient air temperature of the unit was reading 34 F. Corrected-on site, discarded.

KDA_3_50115B In the Amana refrigerator, there were several food items in plastic food-grade containers that had closed tight lids with condensation buildup on them. There were also containers of food with clear plastic wrap and lids placed on them (double layered). Corrected-on site, discarded the food and educated about loosely covering the food items to allow heat transfer.

Jason Tidd graduated from Kansas State University's Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2017. He was the spring 2017 editor-in-chief, fall 2016 news editor and spring 2016 assistant news editor. While at K-State, Jason played baritone in the Pride of Wildcat Land marching band.