JK Review: Aggieville’s taco options


There is no better way to a college student’s heart than tacos and margaritas. There are so many places to get tacos around Manhattan, Kansas, to review them all would probably take a short novel. So instead, we narrowed it down to three restaurants in Aggieville where we might splurge when the taco cravings hit: Coco Bolo’s, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and Taco Lucha.

3. Coco Bolo’s ($3.49 per taco)

Julia: Holy chicken! When I first looked at this taco, all I could see were giant strips of chicken. I wasn’t mad to begin with because I love chicken. However, when I tasted it, it didn’t taste like chicken. There was no flavor to it and had a slightly burnt taste. My guess is someone kept it on the grill too long, or forgot to clean the grill. The tortilla was appetizing, but the lack of toppings inside it and the odd taste of the chicken really threw me off.

Kelsey: The presentation of the chicken tacos here was spot on. They had nice thick strips of chicken sprinkled with what seemed like cilantro, and I was so excited to take a bite. Then I did and was kind of disappointed. There was no real flavor to the chicken except for the little charcoal parts where it was burnt, and that just tasted burnt. There really isn’t anything to say about these tacos really, because, honestly, there just wasn’t anything there — no flavor, texture or anything to spice things up a bit.

2. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop ($2.19 per taco)

J: I love going to Fuzzy’s for its margaritas, so I figured the tacos wouldn’t be half bad either. Which they weren’t. There was a lot more to this taco than any of the others — lettuce, tomato, onion — and just a heap of different toppings. You definitely got your money’s worth here! The chicken and everything made it a good taco, but it could have used a bit more flavor, as the toppings kind of overpowered the balance of the chicken and tortilla.

K: If Coco Bolo’s had nothing going on, then Fuzzy’s had it all going on. Lettuce, tomatoes and other toppings galore all pretty much overpowered the chicken buried somewhere inside the taco. Not bad, but not stellar. It seemed more like something you could get from any fast food Mexican restaurant. The tacos were good and filling but still left something to be desired.

1. Taco Lucha ($3.19 per taco)

J: Besides the fact that I was sweating after a few bites of this (I really don’t do well with spicy foods), something about this soft taco pulled me in. The meat, first off, was very well cooked. Not too chewy or too dry. The only other topping on this taco was the delicious spicy sauce within a light, corn tortilla. Hands down the best quality taco. The exact name for this amazing taco is El Mexicano, so next time you’re at Taco Lucha in Aggieville, be sure to try it out!

K: I’m really not a super spicy fan, but this was so good. The pulled pork was tender and juicy with a sauce that was just spicy enough without overwhelming those of you like me. Toppings-wise, there wasn’t as much going on as Fuzzy’s but still more than Coco Bolo’s. Out of the three, this taco was the most flavorful.

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