Kit Kat to give away free candy bars


After Hunter Jobbins, sophomore in athletic training, left a Kit Kat in his unlocked car, he came back to find a note in its place.

Now, Kit Kat will be giving away 6,500 Kit Kats in the Haymaker Hall parking lot at 4:30 p.m., according to a tweet by Jobbins:

Kit Kat will be filling Jobbin’s car with approximately 6,500 Kit Kats, an email sent to the Collegian by Ketchum said. “Come join the fun and speak with Hunter Jobbins,” the email said.

“If you have candy in your car, I’d probably hide it, or there’s a chance the Kit Kat thief might take it from you.” Jobbins told WIBW in an interview.

George Walker
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