How K-State has changed since the Cubs last won the World Series

Photo of Anderson Hall. (File Photo from 1908)

After a 108-year-drought, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in dramatic fashion Wednesday night amid errors, extra innings and a rain delay.

A lot has changed around the world and at Kansas State since 1908, the last time the Cubs won the World Series. Here’s a look at what was different on the campus of the Kansas State Agricultural College.

Campus Buildings

There were several fewer buildings on campus in 1908.

The oldest building on campus is Seaton Court, which was constructed in 1875 for $7,500. Holtz Hall was built in 1876, and Anderson Hall, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 1879.

Fairchild Hall was built in 1894, and Kedzie Hall in 1897. The bronze bust in front of Fairchild Hall commemorates William Alexander Harris, a former U.S. representative and senator from Kansas.

Holton Hall was built in 1900, and the Greenhouse D–Conservatory in 1907. According to K-State’s website, the Greenhouse “contains tropical rain forest and desert environments for exotic and native insects.”

Dickens Hall, Calvin Hall and Leasure Hall were all built in 1908.

Cost of Common Goods

According to the Morris County Library website, a daily newspaper cost a penny in 1908.

A prime rib was $0.14 per pound, cheese was $0.15 per pound and butter was $0.27 per pound. A can of Van Camp’s pork and beans was $0.09. Eggs were $0.19 a dozen. Flour was $6.25 a barrel and coffee was $0.12 a pound.

A men’s blue serge suit cost between $7.95 and $15. A pair of women’s patent leather shoes was $1.98. Boy’s suspenders were between $0.08 and $0.15 a pair. Canvas gloves were between $0.05 and $0.10 a pair.


Mike Ahearn was the coach of the K-State football, basketball and baseball teams in 1908. Ahearn is the namesake of Ahearn Field House.

The football team went 6-2 in 1908. The biggest win that year was 40-10 against Oklahoma State. The 1908-09 men’s basketball team went 7-3 with losses to Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.

The 1908 baseball team went 12-2-1 with two wins over Kansas and losses to the Topeka White Sox and Washburn at home. The team later traveled to Washburn in that season and won.

Jason Tidd graduated from Kansas State University's Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2017. He was the spring 2017 editor-in-chief, fall 2016 news editor and spring 2016 assistant news editor. While at K-State, Jason played baritone in the Pride of Wildcat Land marching band.