JK Review: Just Salad offers new spicy, tangy options in Manhattan


Finally, Kansas State has some healthy options in the K-State Student Union. Just Salad makes its way from the Big Apple to the Little Apple. There are several different pre-made options, but students also have the opportunity to create their own salads.

Chipotle Cowboy Salad

Julia: This salad came with spicy dressing, which I don’t really like, but also came with many other goodies that topped my dislike of spice. There were lots of black beans, chicken, avocado and yummy pepper jack cheese amidst that green salad stuff. The chicken was cooked great and the combination of these flavors kind of made it taste like a taco salad! Next time, I would attempt replacing the dressing with the Sweet Mama dressing, but overall, I thought it was super good.

Kelsey: I was really confused when I couldn’t taste the chipotle dressing’s spice to begin with, but then it creeped up on me. Overall, I loved it. The combination of the pepper jack cheese, chicken, beans and avocado worked so well together, I could forget I don’t typically like salads. This salad was much more savory than the Sweet Mama salad we also tried, and I have to say I preferred it.

Sweet Mama Salad

J: ‘Sweet Mama!’ is right! I loved this one, especially with the apples. Since I’m not a huge fan of spicy, I wanted something that could bring a kick without the spice. My favorite parts were definitely the meat and cheese: sharp white cheddar and turkey bacon. It was the perfect combination, and the baby spinach in this salad was fresher than fresh. To top it off, the sweet maple cider vinaigrette was an A+. This salad gets an 150 percent from me. I could have ate an entire bowl of it!

K: This was a good salad. If I was just looking for something light to snack on, I would totally get this. Compared to the Chipotle Chicken, though, it was a little bland. There was some sweetness from the apple chunks in it, but I was honestly a little underwhelmed by this one. It didn’t have much going on in it.

Avocado Creamsicle Smoothie

J: I was slightly weirded out by the thought of a pure avocado smoothie, but this was delicious. It didn’t even taste like avocado. It had more of a tangy taste than anything, and I kind of thought it tasted like Sprite. I imagine there were different fruit juices in it to give it more flavor. This smoothie got a nine out of 10 from Kelsey and I, so make sure to try it out in the K-State Student Union. I am so excited about this new restaurant addition on campus!

K: Where was the avocado in this smoothie? I don’t know, but I thought it tasted more like apple juice than Sprite. I really enjoyed it for that reason. The idea of drinking an avocado was really weirding me out before I actually tried. Definitely deserves a nine out of 10.

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