Street Talk: The Election


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Kind of glad that it’s almost over. It’s been stressful. I’m anxious to see what happens.

Jake Anderson, freshman in education

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I’m kind of relieved just because there has been so much talk about it. It will be nice to finally have some decisions made.

Kelly Wilkerson, freshman in communication sciences and disorders

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I hope that the passion that was produced by the election can be captured and directed towards meaningful discussions about the issues of our country. To sum it up, I’m hopeful. And optimistic.

Caden Laptad, senior in applied mathematics and secondary education

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I think that it is going to be very interesting. I’m glad we don’t have to deal with one of the candidates afterwards. It’ll be nice to be done with this duopoly thing.

Nathan Enserro, freshman in public relations

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Happy. Happy, relieved. Somebody will win and hopefully we can settle down and go back to our lives.

Brittany Davis, senior in life sciences

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