JK Review: California roll comparison


So California rolls might not be traditional sushi, but for all of you out there wanting to play it safe, there is less chance of encountering odd fish parts. We tried Panda Express in the K-State Student Union and Green Tea Sushi located in Aggieville. Both are good, but which is better?

Panda Express: $5.49/roll

Julia: The sushi from both places looked a lot alike, but this California roll had sesame seeds on top of it and instead of fresh crab, there was a premade crab mix in it. It was pretty good, with the avocado, cucumber and crab mix, but the taste was a little disappointing. There wasn’t any kick to it, which may have been from the already-made crab mix. It came in a ready-to-go plastic container which was nice, yet could have been the reason it was less fresh and flavorful.

Kelsey: While I wouldn’t completely rule out Panda Express in the Union, it wasn’t exactly the best. I appreciated the convenience of it more than anything else, although the flavors were not bad. Appearance-wise, the California roll had a little more going on with it than the Green Tea Sushi one, but that was only because there were sesame seeds and the crab was shredded and mixed with something tasting like mayo. It may have been slightly bland overall, but I would still get it on occasion.

Green Tea Sushi: $4.50/roll

J: I didn’t think I would taste a huge difference in sushi, but with these two, I sure did. Green Tea Sushi tasted a lot better in my opinion, with avocado and cucumber that had strong flavors and one crab piece in each piece that made it very bold. Overall, this California roll was more fresh, flavorful and satisfying. Good texture, good fish, good rice, good price. My favorite for sure!

K: All good things here! I really enjoyed the California roll with its big chunk of crab meat and the veggie flavors going on in it. The cucumber was especially strong, and as someone who really enjoys cucumber, I appreciated that. It also added a nice crunchy texture to the roll. With all the mushy things that go into sushi like rice, avocado and such, having that crunch makes for a more interesting meal.

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