OPINION: 5 great gifts for college students

Simple things to gift college students could include kitchen utensils, gift cards and even money. (File Photo by Cassandra Nguyen | The Collegian)

I am one of those people who enjoys giving gifts more than getting them. I usually wait until the last minute to figure out what to get for everyone, but this year with graduation coming up, I decided to make a list of possible gifts that would look great under anyone’s Christmas tree, especially for college students.

1. Gift cards

There are no greater gifts than gift cards. It takes away the pressure of actually picking something, and it will surely be a useful gift. I’m not a fan of cash as a gift, because, although it is always welcome, it lacks sentiment. Gift cards, on the other hand, is disguised cash. Whether for Amazon, Olive Garden, Starbucks or Coldstone, they will always be appreciated by college students living on a budget. A variety of these can be found at Giftcards.com.

2. Sports tickets

Another thing many of us can agree on is that we love seeing the Wildcats play! Game tickets or even season passes make a great gift, especially if you already marked your calendars with the ones you would like to see.

3. Tile Mate

The college years are probably the most fun years of our lives, but with it comes a great amount of stress at times. This can lead us to forget about the little but essential things in our day-to-day life: keys, cellphone, you name it — I have lost it before. The Tile Mate is a small accessory that works as a finder, which you can easily attach to your things or loop to your key chain. This can be found on Amazon.com.

4. MiniPresso

Taking into account the amount of sleepless hours a college student spends awake yearly, I would think there are plenty of coffee lovers in college. The MiniPresso would make a great gift for these individuals. It’s a portable espresso maker that looks like a bottle but makes coffee instantly. Great, isn’t it?

5. Something unique

You might also want to give or get unique gifts. A great source for this type of gift is Scoutmob.com, where everything is made by independent makers. The gifts are of very good quality and are shipped quickly. I have tried it myself several times. Some good ideas from this website are customized leather wallets, camera straps and my favorite, the foodie wood dice set (or mixology if you’re over 21), which has dinner options for about 186,000 days. It would be good to leave dinners to the dice, wouldn’t it?