Street Talk: SGA Compensation


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I’m okay with a small percentage of my student fees going towards their salaries, but definitely not that much.

Alexis Collier, junior in psychology

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I think that we could use that money for more important things like the library, since we’re here for an education.

Jonathan Hoard, sophomore in kinesiology

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I don’t know how SGA affects me, so I don’t really have a grasp on this. I’d like to find out more, though.

Erin Meyers, sophomore in chemistry

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I see why they use our money to pay for something like that. But it’d be nice to know where it’s going and what it’s used for exactly.

Morgan Furstenberg, senior in kinesiology

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Personally, I think it seems pretty generous. They’re our student government and they deserve it since they help with our school.

Jacob Frazier, sophomore in architecture