Street Talk: Sexual Assault


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No, I don’t believe it should. I feel like if it’s off the premise of K-State then it should be in the police’s hands, but if you’re at an event sponsored by the university or an organization associated with it, then yes.

Callie Hahn, senior in marketing

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No, because off campus can mean pretty much anything … so unless something is going to clearly defined, then it would be ridiculous to have K-State investigate an assault that happened in Kansas City or Topeka or something just because it’s one of our students. There are proper authorities who are better suited to investigate sexual assault in the community.

Max Roper, sophomore in architectural engineering

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Yes, because they’re still a student here, and their parents sent them here expecting them to be protected by the school. It’s a college town, so everywhere we go has to do with K-State pretty much.

Taiza Cole, junior in economics

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I think if it’s in a fraternity, then yes. Especially if it has to do with our own students. The campus already provides a lawyer for students on campus, so it’s kind of like resources provided to all of our students.

Hannah Muxlow, senior in agronomy

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I think if it’s something that’s affiliated with the university in any way, shape or form, then yes. Like a greek organization off campus, I definitely agree with that. We can’t account for the entire city of Manhattan, though.

Natalie Powell, senior in biology