JK Review: Finding the best cookies in Manhattan


There is almost no way to go wrong with cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies. They smell and taste homey and like a hug. There are many options for cookies around Manhattan, Kansas, so which is the best?

Subway — $0.64/cookie

Julia: When I first looked at this cookie, I thought it wasn’t going to be soft at all, but the taste proved me wrong. Just from looking at it, I couldn’t see many chocolate chips either, but when I tasted it, I was surprised at how good it was! It wasn’t super firm like I thought, but was cooked about the same all around with a soft, chewy yumminess. This chocolate chip cookie was big, inexpensive and worth it!

Kelsey: Sugar rush is the perfect way to describe this cookie. My sweet tooth was greatly satisfied by the amount of pure sugary sweetness in this cookie. It lacked the melty chocolate Insomnia’s cookie had, but a quick zap in the microwave could fix that anyway. This was my favorite cookie of the bunch, because of all the sweetness in it.

Insomnia Cookies — $1.50/cookie

J: I had never been to Insomnia before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I know why it delivers and has a store specifically for cookies! When I first tasted this cookie, I split it in half and ate the middle (the best part of the cookie), which was perfectly moist and chocolatey. When I got to the edges, it was a bit more cooked, which I found to be a great balance. For my taste, you really couldn’t get any better than this. Time to order a 12-pack delivery!

K: I have always enjoyed Insomnia Cookies. The best thing is the freshness to its cookies. Often when you order, the cookies were just pulled out of the oven, which was the case when I went to buy the cookies for this review. While the melted chocolate is pretty fantastic, it lacked the sugar Subway has. It was a close second. Super close.

Radina’s Coffeehouse — $1/cookie

J: Initially, I thought this would be the best because it was the largest cookie! However, the taste really threw me off. I’m not sure if Radina’s uses a different sugar or flour, but the 100 percent sugar taste that I expect and want from a cookie was a little skewed. Don’t get me wrong, a cookie is a cookie and it didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t quite taste like a super sugary, unhealthy cookie. It also wasn’t super soft and didn’t have a whole lot of chocolate chips. Disappointing, but hey, still a cookie.

K: I was impressed by the size of cookie, but size isn’t everything. There was hardly any chocolate chips in it, and the cookie dough was plain. It tasted like a generic store-bought cookie, which is acceptable when there are no other options for indulging your sweet tooth. Overall, it didn’t stand a chance against the flavorful cookies already mentioned.

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