K-State club tennis offers outlet for competitive play, making new friends

Kansas State Tennis Club president and senior in marketing Steven Wegner stands in front of the tennis courts at the Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex. (John Benfer | The Collegian)

The Kansas State club tennis team is looking for anybody who is interested in tennis to become a member of the club during the school year.

“We are really out there just to have fun,” Steven Wegner, senior in marketing and president of the club, said. “Obviously we have members who are very competitive, but for the most part everybody is out there just having a good time.”

Matt Murray, junior in accounting and vice president of the club, said the club also competes in two to three tournaments per semester.

This semester the team traveled to Kansas City and Iowa for tournaments, Murray said.

Samantha Aleman, senior in psychology and tournament coordinator for the club, said she enjoys tennis because of the benefits that come along with it.

“(Tennis) makes me happy and it’s a stress reliever,” Aleman said. “It also keeps me in shape as well.”

Wegner also said he enjoys the benefits he gets from playing tennis.

“I’ve been playing tennis my whole life, and I am a very competitive person,” Wegner said. “I like to stay active and it’s a great way to meet new people.”

Murray said tennis has helped him meet many great people throughout his life.

Wegner said the club helped him meet new people who have become some of his good friends at K-State.

“Automatically you show up and you have a group of people with similar interests,” Wegner said. “It’s also a competitive outlet to relieve stress.”

Murray said he was unsure if he wanted to play tennis in college or not, and found a lot of benefit in K-State having a club team.

“It definitely has been a fun experience,” Murray said. “It also helped me assume a leadership role in the club, which is a great thing to have in college.”

Aleman said the club opened her up too many new people and activities while she’s been at K-State, as well.

“Transferring here in the middle of my four years of college, it helped me meet a lot of people,” Aleman said.

In tennis, people can compete by themselves in singles matches or with a partner in doubles matches.

Wegner said he likes to compete in both, but doubles can be more fun with the right partner by your side.

“If your partner is someone you get along with and are not afraid to talk to and motivate, doubles is more fun,” Wegner said.

Wegner also said singles is more physically challenging, whereas doubles is more challenging mentally.

Like Wegner, Murray said he likes to compete in both, but prefers doubles as well.

“There’s more people on the court, which makes it fun to me,” Murray said. “I think it takes more skill because you have to be precise on where you’re hitting the ball.”

Aleman said she has played singles her whole life so she feels she is better at it than at playing doubles.

“I grew up playing singles until like the last year or two years ago,” Aleman said. “I started playing doubles and mixed doubles and they are really fun, but I think I’m better at singles.”

Aleman said since she grew up playing singles, doubles is more challenging to her because of the strategy that is involved.

The club meets all year, weather permitting, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:30 p.m., Wegner said.