DIY gift for college students: Mug cake in 1 minute

(Photo by Emily Moore | The Collegian)

What better gift for a college student than something delicious that can be made in the microwave just by adding water? Only two boxes of cake mix can give you gifts for several people. The inspiration for this recipe came from an article I came across that was pinned from the “I am a Baker” website.


1. One box of angel food cake mix

2. One box of cake mix, flavor of your choice (I picked chocolate.)


1. Pour both cake mixes into the same bowl.

2. Stir the mixes together well. The egg portion of the angel food cake mixture may have clumps. It’s important to break up as many of those clumps as possible so the egg mixture is evenly distributed.

3. For added flavor or moisture add in mini chocolate chips.

4. Place however much mix you would like to give into a container and place the following cake instructions on the outside.

Cake instructions

1. Add 3 tablespoons of cake mix with 2 tablespoons of water. (This will fill roughly half of a normal-sized mug.)

2. Stir this so the mixture is completely blended and looks like regular cake batter.

3. Put in microwave for 1 minute.

4. Let cool, then add any additional desired toppings like frosting, chocolate sauce or sprinkles and enjoy!

Overall, the end product looks very spongy. The cake tastes very similar to angel food cake and has a very similar texture. This is why if you used chocolate cake mix, adding some chocolate chips may add more flavor and moisture throughout the mug cake.

Additionally, because of the high volume of cake mix, this recipe can make several different containers filled with mix. I was able to fill about six mason jars with mix, just to provide a spatial reference. For the cost of one you can make this into several gifts, depending on how much mix you provide and it can last for quite some time!

My name is Emily Moore and I'm a senior majoring in English and mass communications with a minor in leadership. I love to read, write and edit. During my free time, I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, rock climbing and spending time with my friends.