Letter to the editor: Proposed multicultural center receives well-deserved attention


Dear Blake,

I would like to take a moment to show appreciation for covering a story as important as (the Multicultural Student Center). Many student organizations have been pushing this issue to the forefront for years now and it is finally getting the well-deserved attention. It also says a lot that this is one of the first issues President Gen. Richard Myers decided to address. Based on recent incidents, it is clear that we have some inclusion and racism issues on campus. Providing students with a multicultural center would not only create a safe space, but also provide a place for students to network with organizations and find opportunities for growth. Our Black Student Union has proved to be outstanding in its on-campus activities, academics and activism, yet it is the only Black Student Union within the Big 12 without its own building to represent the great accomplishments its members have achieved. Outside of the BSU there are a multitude of organizations that have members who have reached extraordinary goals but have nowhere to showcase them. Having such area would be beneficial because it encourages other students to be diligent and continue working towards their goals while attending the university. These are only a few reasons why having a multicultural center is important. If we are truly a family then everyone should feel welcomed during their time spent on campus and this is one huge factor that will contribute to that.


Simphony Guiden, junior in public relations and theater