Letter to the editor: Miss Black and Gold pageant coverage always positive


I would like to take a moment to thank the Collegian for always shedding positive light on the Miss Black and Gold pageant. The article on Melissa Riley, this year’s Miss Black and Gold, did a wonderful job of highlighting her excitement with her future responsibilities of winning the crown. Too often in the media, especially in recent news, we are bombarded with negative highlights of minorities. Giving all K-State students the opportunity to learn about the hard work that is put into this outstanding pageant gives people a glimpse of the real work being done behind the scenes. Full credit should be given to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first African American collegiate fraternity, for helping to promote the phenomenal women at K-State for 18 years and counting. Congratulations to all contestants past, present and future.

-Denise Torres, senior in public relations