Hot chocolate and a packed lobby warm K-State agriculture students

Audrey Schmitz, senior in agricultural communications and journalism, describes the future of the agricultural communications club to a group of interested students at the College of Agriculture's hot chocolate social on Jan. 23, 2017. (Regan Tokos | The Collegian)

The tight space of the Waters Hall lobby filled with over 20 clubs and organizations in the Kansas State College of Agriculture warmed agriculture students up, both with hot chocolate and opportunities to meet other students in the college during the College of Ag Council’s Hot Chocolate Social.

Hayden Walker, junior in agronomy and president of the College of Ag Council, said they host this event each year to welcome new students and help them find their place as the spring semester begins.

“This is a good chance for transfer students and freshmen who didn’t really get plugged in last year and even some upperclassmen to come check out some clubs and catch up with friends and socialize a little bit,” Walker said. “It’s a way to get a good eye on each club and see what you’re interested in joining.”

Shannon Washburn, assistant dean of the College of Agriculture, said it helps students find that sense of belonging, with opportunities to find people who they might connect with.

“We just like to let new students in the College of Ag develop an awareness of these clubs and organizations here in the College of Agriculture and let them know they’re welcome,” Washburn said. “We had about 20 new students (this spring) who enrolled in the college and a lot of new students who started in the fall who maybe didn’t reach out, so we want to let them know what clubs are out there.”

Helen Cater, junior in animal sciences and industry, was at the Hot Chocolate Social in hopes of recruiting younger members for the IHSA Equestrian Club.

“Right now our team is mostly upperclassmen,” Carter said. “We want to make sure that when we leave there’s a good group we left behind.”

For Rebecca Zach, freshman in agronomy, she said it was the promise of hot chocolate that motivated her to attend the social.

“Honestly, it was mostly the hot chocolate, but we also wanted a condensed version of (the activities fair),” Zach said.

Devon Coulson, sophomore in animal sciences and industry, said he also came for the hot chocolate, but he wanted to get connected on campus.

“I transferred here in the fall, so this is my first full year at K-State, and I thought it’d be good to kind of get out and see how I can get involved,” Coulson said. “The first semester I kind of took the time to get used to campus and living in an apartment and seeing how school would be, so this semester I’m interested in getting to know our people, getting involved and building my resume up a little bit.”

Kaitlyn Alanis
Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Alanis, former news editor for the Collegian and a May 2017 graduate in agricultural communications and journalism. I have never tried a hamburger and I hate the taste of coffee, but I love writing stories and sharing what I learn with our readers. By writing for the Collegian, I can now not only sing along when the K-State Band plays "The Band is Hot," but I also know that most agriculture students did not grow up on a farm, how to use an AED to save someone's life and why there is a bust of MLK Jr. outside of Ahearn Field House. Thanks for reading!