Street Talk: Presidential Inauguration

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I think that Trump was more professional than he has been this whole time. I think he is taking the job very seriously, even though everyone thought he was going to be a joke. I think that the protests are so uncalled-for and ridiculous. People, he is your president and you have to respect him because he is your president. You might not like him, you might not get what you want, but you cannot go around setting limousines on fire and making a mess of it. Respect him, he’s like our pilot flying our plane and you shouldn’t want him to crash and fail. We’re all just trying to survive in the end and so you don’t have to agree with him but you should respect him.

Melanie Deters, freshman in family and consumer science education

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There’s been a lot of media coverage over it but I am kind of tired of all of it, so I don’t really know anything about it anymore. I just know Trump is president now.

Sam Lett, sophomore in mechanical engineering

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I obviously do not agree with the President Trump, so I agree with the protesting. I think that they were peaceful protests and it was not violent or harmful to other people.

Anastasia Hoover, freshman in graphic design

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I think it’s really funny that apparently twice as many people showed up to the protests than the actual inauguration.

Anneke Bouska, sophomore in chemistry pre-med

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I wasn’t a supporter of either candidate in the end, so I was not happy with the results of the election. But I do think that the protests are important because that is something that everyone should have the right to do peacefully. Start during dead week.

Luke Pearson, freshman in graphic design