Review: Suzette offers unique French-inspired food, space

Suzette's smoked salmon and spinach crepe. (Kelsey Kendall | The Collegian)

Suzette is Aggieville’s French-inspired restaurant that opened in November 2016. Wine, crepes and pastas — it is the perfect date night or girls’ lunch restaurant. It is exactly how you might imagine a French bistro to look with neatly folded napkins, cute little flowers on each table and a rustic-chic aura which I have yet to see in Manhattan. Quaint, quiet and charming — I definitely plan on returning.


Some of the choices on the menu reminded me of Panera Bread, but there were still a lot of unique items. I chose the smoked salmon and spinach crepe. While it was not the greatest thing I had ever tasted, I really enjoyed it. There was a wonderful sauce that came with it which I would have loved to have more of, but overall, I was pretty satisfied. What really wowed me was the dessert — the most important part of a meal.

Nutella crepes with mixed berries. Need I say more? It was light, sweet and absolutely incredible. If there was one thing I could come back to Suzette for, it would be those crepes. I especially liked how fresh the blueberries and strawberries were.


The lunch menu was fairly reasonably priced. I was really expecting it to be much pricier but was pleasantly surprised. From looking at Suzette’s menu online, it seems the dinner menu is a bit on the higher end, but that is to be expected. You are paying more than you would for fast food — and getting much better food — without breaking the bank.

I paid $8.95 for the smoked salmon crepe and $7.95 for the Nutella crepe. Including the coffee, I spent around $20 for lunch. Maybe that is not great for just grabbing something to eat all the time, but it is certainly a nice treat for yourself every now and then.


Something about this place made me want to just sit, sip on coffee and talk with a close friend. It is cozy without being cramped and not too loud. It would be an adorable place to take a significant other or for having a nice lunch with friends. Unlike many places in Aggieville, it was not centered around sports with televisions all over the place blasting different sports channels. It is nice to see something so unique in Aggieville.

The service was impeccable, and the waitresses were extremely patient with all my questions. They let my friend and me know about the rooftop patio that will open when the weather gets warmer (I’m so excited for that!). There were not any long waits or wondering where the server, who was always smiling and friendly, was at.

Overall, I loved Suzette and would give it five out of five stars. I cannot wait to go back again.

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