Street Talk: What are you listening to?


The ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack. I’m going to see the show in March, so I had to be prepared.

Kenedi Kelley, sophomore in American ethnic studies

‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran. It’s happy, and it’s a nice day out. It has a nice beat for walking.

Ariana Dunlap, sophomore in anthropology and theatre

‘Find your Love’ by Drake.

Christian Williams, senior in hospitality management

A ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ remix by The Piano Guys.

Emerald Massman, freshman in music education

‘I’d Love You To Want Me’ by Lobo.

Emily Johnson, human resources specialist at the K-State Student Union

‘Thak El Ghaby’ by Assala.

Mustafa Al Jumaan, sophomore in electrical engineering

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