“You know you’re an English major when …”


… you’re excited to write an essay.” — Clint Ryan, sophomore in English creative writing

… you have written at least three different outcomes of a story.” — Jozlynn Barnes, junior in English creative writing

… you have 20,000 pens stuffed in your pockets.” — Cassandra Shafer, senior in English creative writing

… you go straight to the classic literature section of the bookstore, but you can still never find any of the books you want to read.” — Tiffany Heter, sophomore in English literature

… you have more books than you have friends.” — Molly James, freshman in English

… you own five different Norton anthologies.” — Trevin Garcia, senior in English literature

… you find yourself correcting conversations you’re eavesdropping on campus.” — Sarah Byarlay, senior in English secondary education

Kelsey Kendall
Hi everyone! I'm a senior in journalism and cultural anthropology. My favorite things are storytelling, coffee and meeting new people. In that order.