Call Hall Dairy Bar scoops vanilla, chocolate, purple pride and more

(Graphic by Audrey Hockersmith)

Home to vanilla, chocolate and purple pride ice cream, Kansas State’s Call Hall Dairy Bar is a favorite K-State tradition to students, families and alumni alike.

The dairy bar has 40 different flavors, but rotates their offerings with any 16 flavors at a time, Renee Westgate, food service supervisor of the dairy bar, said in an email.

Kyle McGuire, junior in marketing, said he has probably tried about a dozen of the flavors.

“Between the couple of times I went to Call Hall and the events around campus that offer (Call Hall Dairy Bar’s ice cream), I’ve racked up that number,” McGuire said.

All products offered at the dairy bar are produced from K-State farm units, according to their website.

“I honestly think it’s the coolest thing that Call Hall ice cream is made from K-State products,” McGuire said. “It gives a huge educational opportunity for students in many fields of study, as well a business opportunity within the university, and shows a sustainable practice. Plus, just the fact that it’s made from local K-State products makes it a million times better. Where else can you get such high-quality products other than a high-quality university?”

Rachel Footit, junior in animal sciences, is active with the K-State Dairy Science club and appreciates that the dairy bar uses local K-State products.

“I think that it is awesome that we as a university have made sure to provide our campus with products made local, about a mile from the store,” Footit said. “Being able to educate consumers and students about the dairy industry within a mile distance from farm to spoon is awesome.”

The spoons of students, alumni and guests are filled with many different flavors of ice cream, but which one is the most popular?

Westgate said the most popular seller is their vanilla ice cream. Based off a 52-week average, Call Hall Dairy Bar goes through 492 three-gallon tubs.

The second-highest seller is purple pride, which is a blueberry-flavored ice cream. The dairy bar went through 250 three-gallon tubs of purple pride.

“Purple Pride showcases K-State and all its beliefs; we show the pride at a football game, in the classroom, all the way to the food we eat,” Footit said. “Purple is our color and the color we bleed and eat through the amazing ice cream Call Hall sells.”

Footit said it’s “pretty basic” for chocolate to be her favorite Call Hall Dairy Bar flavor, but she is not alone. The dairy bar sold 248 three-gallon tubs of chocolate ice cream, making it their third most popular seller.

The dairy bar also sells 770 dips and 102 malts, shakes or “kool kats” in a year, Westgate said.

“My first Call Hall experience was my freshman year in the month of March and I went on a lazy Friday for a little pick-me-up and got a chocolate milkshake and I remember it making the day a whole lot better,” Footit said.

McGuire said he also has fond memories in the dairy bar.

“The first time I made it to Call Hall itself was last year when I was a (community assistant),” McGuire said. “I went over with some CAs and a couple (resident assistants). It was a lot of fun to sit down and enjoy some delicious ice cream with great friends.”

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