Rec Complex offers 8-week Commit to be Fit challenge

Andrew Kastendick, sophomore in accounting, lifts dumbbells during his workout routine Jan. 31, 2017. (Meg Shearer | The Collegian)

As part of the Wildcat Challenge at the Peters Recreational Complex, an estimated 250 students, faculty and community members are participating in Commit to be Fit, an eight-week challenge. Participants take on various fitness activities and are able to earn weekly prizes.

Last year, the Recreation Complex held three eight-week challenges; two challenges, Swim Tuttle and Mile High Climb, took place in the fall and one took place in the spring, 2 Fit 2 Quit. This year, Commit to be Fit fills the semester to create two eight-week challenges.

“(We hope to) encourage people to check out the different parts of what we have to offer,” Denise Simonds, administrative specialist of recreational services, said.

Participants must complete four 30-minute activities each week. A survey is sent through an email to each participant where they can mark which activities they completed that week.

After completion of the survey, participants are entered into a drawing for prizes. Simonds said the idea is to get students to continue being active at the Recreation Complex even after the program is completed.

“This was kind of in hopes that it would be incentive enough,” Simonds said. “(We want people to) create a habit of coming to the Rec.”

Alex Sheikh, freshman in computer engineering, has been a participant in Commit to be Fit since Jan. 29. Sheikh has been an active Recreation Complex member ever since he arrived at Kansas State in August.

“It’s something that I’ve always done anyway,” Sheikh said. “This challenge was just an opportunity to motivate me more.”

Sheikh said lifting, basketball, running and core strength are at the top of his list of activities to complete.

“I just think it’s fun to be active,” Sheikh said.

Commit to be Fit intends to encourage people to swim at Ahearn Natatorium and also to bowl at the K-State Student Union, which works for Andrew Kastendick, sophomore in accounting, who wants to start swimming through this program.

Kastendick said Commit to be Fit has not only been a physical challenge, but also a way to connect with friends.

“I like how you can have other people to take on this challenge with,” Kastendick said. “You can do these activities with your friends. It allows the option of building accountability with your friends during the challenge.”

Registration for Commit to be Fit is at the north service desk. More information is available at the recreational services’ website.