Mindrup, Zwick launch ‘Focused on You’ campaign

Matt Mindrup, sophomore in biology and student body president candidate, talks to a group of supporters at the Mindrup-Zwick launch party at Fuzzy's Taco Shop on Feb. 03, 2017. (Kelly Pham | The Collegian)

The sign in Fuzzy’s Taco Shop said the area behind the bar was reserved for shot night, but that was not the case.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 7.50.03 PM.png

It was reserved for the launch party of Matt Mindrup, sophomore in biology and candidate for student body president, and Emily Zwick, sophomore in agricultural economics and candidate for student body vice president.

“We really just wanted to get the word out about our campaign,” Zwick said. “People have been able to read about us and our platforms on social media, but we wanted to give them a chance to meet us in person, talk to us and give us feedback. It’s a lot easier to have those conversations in person instead of just telling them to send us an email or call us, so we wanted to give students a chance to come meet us in person and get a feel for the whole campaign.”

Despite the sign, shots were not served. Zwick said they actually chose Fuzzy’s Taco Shop as the venue for their launch party so that people who were not 21 could still come and meet the team.

“Matt and I are not 21, and we wanted to choose some place in Aggieville that was a central location that everyone could come to, but we didn’t want it to be a bar,” Zwick said. “We wanted it to be appropriate where people of all ages knew they could come.”

‘Focused on You’

Mindrup and Zwick are focused on students, Allison Doll, junior in mass communications and co-campaign manager, said.

“Their slogan ‘Focused on You,’ isn’t just a slogan,” Doll said. “It’s not just something they say, but something they live. I just really believe in their ideas. They have a clear vision and they are already working on it. I can tell they are serious and they’re really on board and doing it for K-State and for the students.”

Lacy Pitts, sophomore in agricultural economics and co-campaign manager, said she was excited the launch party gave students the opportunity to meet Mindrup and Zwick and learn more about them and their campaign.

“This is something special,” Pitts said. “They’re really special people who care about K-State and want the best for students.”

Maggie Roth, freshman in agribusiness and freshman outreach coordinator, said Mindrup and Zwick’s genuine personalities are why she’s excited to be a member of their campaign.

“They are genuine and that’s just something I really admire about them,” Roth said. “Their intentions are so genuine. They’re doing it for us and for the entire student body and even for all the prospective students. I hope people see that they are genuine and their saying, ‘Focused on You,’ is so true.”

Change of SGA connotation

Zwick said if she could only tell students and potential voters one thing about her campaign at the launch party, it would be that they are working to change the stigmas associated with Student Governing Association.

“I would like people to know that Matt and I are trying to change the connotation of SGA,” Zwick said. “I think right now it’s a very specific group of people, and while it does represent different colleges, I want us to reach past that and care more about representing different organizations and just a wider variety of students. We are really here for all those students.”

Lane Coberly, sophomore in psychology, attended the launch party to show his support for the Mindrup-Zwick campaign.

“I’d say the No. 1 reason I support them is I see it as an authentic change and possibility to bring in new ideas and reach out to students and tap into that talent that normally wouldn’t be seen (in student government),” Coberly said.

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