“You know you are an agriculture major when …


… you own at least one pair of boots — cowboy boots — special jeans to go with the boots and a baseball hat.” Chris Reusz, senior in bakery science

… the majority of your classes have hands-on contact with animals.” Kendra Holthaus, senior in animal science

… one of your favorite sounds on campus is boot heels.” Brittany Hilfiker, junior in animal science

… everything you deal with is plants and animals.” Nathan Welch, freshman in agronomy

… everybody in the room is wearing jeans and boots.” Eric Koehlmoos, sophomore in agricultural education

… you realize you’re taking an extra language course (in Latin).” Landon Forche, sophomore in horticulture

… it’s non-stop talk about cows.” Matthew Anguiano, junior in agricultural education

… you’d rather be outside than inside even on a cold day.” Quinn Bonge, freshman in park management and conservation

Kelsey Kendall
Hi everyone! I'm a senior in journalism and cultural anthropology. My favorite things are storytelling, coffee and meeting new people. In that order.