48 votes separate Ayres, Mindrup in SGA presidential primary elections


Jack Ayres, junior in chemical engineering, won the Kansas State Student Governing Associaton’s student body president primary elections with 1,263 votes, or 38.62 percent of the vote, according to a tweet by K-State SGA at 6:14 p.m. The polls closed at 6 p.m.

Ayres was followed by Matt Mindrup, sophomore in biology, who had 1,215 votes, or 37.16 percent of the vote.

As the top vote getters, Ayres and Mindrup will move on to the general election, which will be held on March 7-8. Both candidates will have to officially register their vice presidential candidate with the SGA elections committee by Feb. 22.

During the election season, Ayres campaigned with his vice presidential candidate Olivia Baalman, junior in computer science, and Mindrup campaigned with Emily Zwick, sophomore in agricultural economics and his vice presidential candidate.

Ayres and Mindrup were followed by Sarah McDermott, senior in entrepreneurship, who received 638 votes, or 19.51 percent.

A total of 3,270 votes were cast in the primary elections. In the 2016 SGA primary elections, 1,915 votes were cast and in the 2015 SGA primary elections, only 420 votes were cast.

This is the largest primary-election voter turnout since 2009 when there were five presidential candidates.

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