Feb. 17 News Briefs: Immigration, Trump staffers, Kansas tax increases and the Manhattan mascot


Kansas House approves income tax raise

The Kansas House approved a bill Wednesday that would increase personal income taxes, according to the Associated Press. The bill passed through the House with a 76-48 vote, though Gov. Sam Brownback has said he would not sign the bill.

The bill, if passed, is projected to raise $1 billion in two years, and was proposed in efforts to balance Kansas’s budget.

The Senate is expected to vote on the bill today.

Month-long absence of Manhattan High School mascot committee meetings

According to the Manhattan Mercury, the Manhattan High School mascot committee elected last month has not met since being elected. Though the committee still plans on giving recommendations regarding the school mascot to the Manhattan-Odgen school board in September, they are still working to set up a time to meet.

The last time the committee met was Jan. 18, according to the Mercury’s article.

Six White House staffers dismissed after failed FBI background checks

According to The Hill, six White House staffers were dismissed from President Donald Trump’s administration Wednesday. The staffers failed Form SF86, a “Questionnaire for National Security Positions,” and were escorted from the building Wednesday.

Trump announces plan to sign new executive order regarding immigration

After a federal court decision put President Donald Trump’s travel ban from seven countries on hold, Trump announced Wednesday he plans to issue a revised executive order by next week, CNN reported.

Trump said the new order will be “tailored to what I consider a very bad decision,” according to the CNN article.

A three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit refused to lift the federal judge’s temporary ban on Trump’s original executive order, but one judge on the panel called the Ninth Circuit to rehear the case. Whether that will happen is unclear.