Letter to the editor: K-State basketball is a dumpster fire

K-State men's basketball head coach Bruce Weber points to the replay on the video board while talking to the refs during the K-State game against KU in Bramlage Coliseum on Feb. 6, 2017. (File Photo by Nathan Jones | The Collegian)

Dumpster fire or simply a train wreck, how best to describe the continuing collapse of K-State basketball? It is obvious Coach Weber has lost control of this year’s edition of the basketball team, a similar situation to the previous two seasons. The OU game — a 30-point loss to a team that had won nine games — was an unmitigated disaster; there’s no way of dressing it up.

This season simply can’t end quick enough. Coach Weber is truly out of solutions to address the lack of confidence in his leadership by the players and fans. At this point, K-State basketball couldn’t beat Mizzou, a damning statement on the current state of the program. The university has worked hard to make basketball exciting and relevant, however we are in a free fall to the worst of the Wooldridge era.

Peter Clemens, 1988 graduate of K-State