Storm winds damage roofs at Jardine Apartments

Parts of roofs were missing on Jardine Apartments after a heavy storm blew through Manhattan on March 6, 2017. (Photo Courtesy of Mohri Exline)

Residents at two Jardine Apartments buildings woke to sections of their roofs missing after a heavy storm blew through Manhattan Monday evening.

“We had about six apartments that were impacted and had to be relocated for the night until we could get into them and start on repair work,” said Nick Lander, interim associate director of K-State Housing and Dining Services’ residence life department. “We did have two roofs that were damaged and some guttering around other buildings.”
A tornado warning for the K-State campus went into effect Tuesday from about 5-6 p.m. Jardine Apartments is home to more than 1,500 residents.

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