Fake Patty’s Day as told by Riley County Police Department


As Wildcats swapped out their purple for green in preparation for Fake Patty’s Day, the fakest holiday of the year and an all-day binge drinking celebration, the Riley County Police Department had a lot to pregame for.

And when the first party call came in before 8:30 a.m., they just know they were in for a long day. It was Fake Patty’s Day, after all.

A lot can be accomplished on Fake Patty’s Day. Your resume is waiting.

Hopefully fakers took their time, especially in the snow. As Riley County Police Department said, the party doesn’t start till you walk in.

That wasn’t the only solid piece of advice that RCPD had to offer.

In case you did not know…

Come on, fakers. RCPD just wanted you to make your mom proud. You are supposed to pick up more than just your green laundry.

And if you parked illegally, look at the silver lining. You probably hit your Fitbit goal.

Hopefully you were not one of the ones who hit that Fitbit goal by running from RCPD.

And if you ran home and your key did not work, you may or may not have ran to the wrong home. Oops.

A sidewalk is probably not the best backup plan if your key went on strike. Just saying.

Besides, the sidewalks were icy!

Just because it was icy outside did not mean you could warm up by sleeping in a running car.

These were not the only easy clues fakers gave to RCPD…

Sometimes all fakers or police officers need is a little puppy to cleanse the palate.

Or, maybe just a good bedtime story.

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