Behind the window: Oliver, The Dusty Bookshelf cat

Oliver, who likes to have staring contests with The Dusty Bookshelf customers, stares into the camera lens while waiting for another treat Thursday afternoon. (File Photo by Parker Robb | The Collegian)

As a black and white cat in a sea of purple cats, Oliver — The Dusty Bookshelf cat — can be seen while strolling through Aggieville. Oliver lived in The Dusty Bookshelf pre-renovation, but has since lived in Thread.

Oliver was rescued as a kitten when he was found living beneath the Varsity Food Truck. He then found his two forever homes where customers, staff and students love him daily.

Before his time at the store, his name was Mac, said Sarah Wilson, store manager of The Dusty Bookshelf.

No one thought anything of it, but when the weather started growing cold, Wilson said they decided to bring him in.

“When we found him outside, we knew we had to do something for him,” Wilson said.

The Dusty Bookshelf has had a history of cats living in its store. After saying goodbye to one of their beloved cats, Cleo, when he died, Wilson said they were not sure if they were going to bring another cat in.

“The shop was missing having a cat,” Leah Hyman, marketing and human resources director of The Dusty Bookshelf, said.

Oliver has since been at the bookshelf for a little over three years.

Wilson said everyone at the bookstore has helped care for Oliver, and he has one big family who loves and cares for him.

Hyman described Oliver’s personality as sassy and said everyone in Aggieville loves him.

“Growing up on the streets has given him a pretty unique personality that many folks are drawn to,” Hyman said.

Wilson said Oliver’s distinct pattern of black and white gives him a tuxedo to wear every day, with a big personality to match his sassy colors.

“Despite his feisty ways, he often enjoys a nice cuddle,” Wilson said.

Cecilia Golay, freshman in advertising, said her favorite part about The Dusty Bookshelf was going to see Oliver. Golay said she also loved the comfortable vibe and atmosphere.

Golay said she found out about Oliver through her good friend because her friend went to visit Oliver in Aggieville once a week due to missing her cats at home.

Oliver’s personality is not shy by any means, Golay said. She said he is never shy from letting anyone pet him and plays with people like they have been his friend for forever.

“I also love how he kind of seems in his element in The Dusty Bookshelf,” Golay said. “He’s so cool.”

Elizabeth Golay, junior in communication studies, said The Dusty Bookshelf reminds her of the bookstores she has back home.

Elizabeth’s favorite thing about Oliver is that he loves to sit by the window and people-watch. Her favorite memory of Oliver is when her dad came to town for a weekend visit and got to meet Oliver.

Elizabeth said she was struggling to come up with ideas for where to take her dad, but then it dawned on her.

“I decided to take him to meet Oliver and I’ve never seen my dad so excited,” Elizabeth said. “He tried to hang around him for 30 minutes, I think Oliver was over us at this point.”