Manhattan Fire Department touring K-State buildings

The Manhattan Fire Department will be touring campus from March 27 to April 24. (File Photo by Lauren Gocken)

The Manhattan Fire Department is touring campus buildings through April 24, according to K-State Today.

The goal is for firefighters to become familiar with campus life-safety equipment and building layouts.

The crews will look for fire alarm control panels, sprinkler controls, fire department connections, main electrical rooms, elevators, areas of rescue assistance and more.

The tours started Monday with the International Student Center, Leadership Studies Building, West Memorial Stadium and the Berney Family Welcome Center in East Memorial Stadium.

The tentative schedule for where the Manhattan Fire Department will be on campus:

  • March 31 — Calvin Hall, Kedzie Hall, King Hall and the Campus Creek Complex
  • April 3 — Nichols Hall, Thompson Hall, Leasure Hall and the English and Counseling Services Building
  • April 4 — Holton Hall, Holtz Hall, Chemistry and Biochemistry Building and Dickens Hall
  • April 10 — Coles Hall, Trotter Hall, Beach Museum of Art and Danforth and All Faiths Chapel
  • April 11 — Eisenhower Hall, president’s residence, Chalmers Hall and Ackert Hall
  • April 17 — Fairchild Hall, McCain Auditorium, Dykstra Hall and Umberger Hall
  • April 24 — Willard Hall, Shellenberger Hall, Dole Hall and Call Hall
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