Students set goals, prepare for end of semester


As the semester starts to dwindle down to its last few weeks, Kansas State students are setting goals to finish the semester as strong as they can.

Jake Nikkel, freshman in animal science, said by working hard through the end of the semester, he can set himself up for success in the upcoming years of his college career. Nikkel said he wants to stay active in clubs, such as Block and Bridle, as well as maintain his grades.

“I want to stay active in the College of Ag so I have a lot of things to put on my resume when I graduate,” Nikkel said.

Sydney Ricklefs, sophomore in accounting, said she is aiming to keep A’s and B’s in her classes. To help stay on track for the rest of the semester, she said she wants to do her homework during the day rather than save it for the evening.

“I need to utilize my planner more so I won’t do as much procrastinating and can reach my goals,” Ricklefs said.

Lauren Ivey, junior in animal sciences and industry, said she wants to make sure she takes all the right classes so she can walk across the stage at commencement next year.

“Real life is coming soon and I want to make sure I have everything I need to finish up this chapter,” Ivey said.

For seniors, the end of the semester marks the last stretch before graduating. Alejandra Gonzalez, senior in Spanish, said in the last few weeks of her undergraduate career, she wants to give advice and mentor minority underclassmen students.

“Any small advice I can give, I want to so that I can help other students,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said her biggest goal is to see someone else lead in the executive position, a role she currently possesses, of a civil rights organization called League of United Latin American Citizens.

“The league has helped me a lot through my college career, and (I want) to get someone else into that position so they can help other students in the same way,” Gonzalez said. “I am just really excited to finally get my degree. It is so close, I can taste it.”