Rowers to compete in Florida

The then-varsity rowing team gets ready for the next stroke on Apr. 8, 2015 at Tuttle Creek Lake in Manhattan. (File Photo by Rodney Dimick | The Collegian)

The Kansas State women’s rowing team will travel to Florida for the first time in program history this weekend to compete in the first ever Sunshine State Invitational. They will begin rowing today and continue into Saturday at Nathan Benderson Park.

The Wildcats will look for another great weekend in Sarasota, especially after their victorious weekend against the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, where the Wildcats managed to bring home a lot of hardware, showing their full potential for this season.

“This race is going to be interesting for a couple of different reasons,” head coach Patrick Sweeney said to K-State Sports. “One, we are going up against Tulsa, so we will be able to see if there is a difference from what we did last week. The other is how do we compare with some of the other schools that will be at the race, such as Alabama, Miami and UCF.”

To start off their meet last weekend in Tulsa, the Wildcats placed second in the first race of the day. Tulsa’s lightweight boat finished first, but the Wildcats were still ahead of Tulsa’s 3V8 boat.

K-State V8A boat placed first with a time of 8:03.5, beating Tulsa’s V8B boat in the second race of the day. Followed by that, K-State finished second behind Tulsa’s 1V4+ and 2V4+ races, ending the weekend on a good note.

A strong headwind caused difficult rowing conditions, making both teams figure out ways to overcome the challenges that it was bringing to them. At the end of the weekend, it was clear both teams had taken the challenges.

“I thought they did a really solid job,” Sweeney said after the meet. “They raced as planned. Looking at their times, they had no dips in their speed. They did everything right to win the race.”

With plenty of time to prepare for this weekend, the Wildcats head to Nathan Benderson Park ready to compete starting this morning.

DeAundra Allen
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