Snyder’s Dozen doughnut shop opens in Union

Snyder’s Dozen sells single doughnuts and packages of 16. (File Photo by Allen Eyestone | The Collegian)

A new doughnut shop opened in the Kansas State Student Union overnight, specializing in a package deal that doubles as its namesake.

Snyder’s Dozen sells single doughnuts and packages of 16, playing off head football coach Bill Snyder’s use of the number 16.

“We noticed that Coach has 16 goals, and we figured there’s some magic in the number,” said Sue Wheat, owner of Snyder’s Dozen. “It was also Tyler Lockett’s number, so there’s something extra special in the number.”

Nestled in the corner of the Union’s main floor previously occupied by Quik Cats, Snyder’s Dozen emerged from renovations without any promotions.

“We wanted it to be a surprise,” Wheat said. “We don’t trust the media because of fake news, so we thought we would let students see for themselves.”

A No. 16 K-State jersey hangs on the wall next to the cash register, and Snyder’s 16 goals line the walls. Purple leather couches circle a fireplace where logs carved in the shape of Jayhawks feed the fire.

“I really like it’s location because it’s right as you walk in,” said Yu N’yon, international student from Mongolia in the English as a second language program. “And at a dollar a doughnut, or $10 for a Snyder’s dozen, it’s the most affordable food option in the Union.”

There are currently 16 flavors at Snyder’s Dozen doughnuts:

  1. Original glazed “basketball hoops”
  2. Glazed doughnut hole “basketballs”
  3. Chocolate glazed “traditional uniforms”
  4. Glazed twists “laces out”
  5. Bearclaw “lynch mob defense”
  6. Powdered and raspberry-filled “fill the stadium”
  7. Powdered and blueberry-filled “the purple and the white”
  8. Chocolate and sprinkles “touchdown celebration”
  9. Chocolate covered bacon longjohn “Uncle Rico’s quarter-mile pig skin”
  10. Gray white-chocolate, decorated with candy eyes and chocolate whiskers “Willie the Wildcat”
  11. Honey-glazed “Collin Klein bees in your bonnet”
  12. Red velvet “blood of a Jayhawk”
  13. Salted caramel “sweet Jayhawk tears”
  14. Lemon bars “golden wheat state”
  15. Cherry turnover “greatest turnaround in college football history”
  16. Hamburger and cheese bagel “tailgater”

The cost of the doughnut shop was included in the renovations. The Union renovations, which were originally billed at $25 million, have soared to $31 million. Wheat declined to say whether the doughnut shop contributed to the extra costs.

Wheat said she plans to file for a trademark to prevent other doughnut shops from using the marketing ploy. While other Manhattan doughnut vendors have not confirmed any interest in the 16-piece package, other business might jump on it.

The west side Taco Bell is “exploring our options” for capitalizing on the Snyder’s dozen, including a potential pack of 16 tacos, according to a source at the drive through window who spoke on condition of anonymity because she is not permitted to talk with the press.

Snyder broke his long silence on Twitter to say he would buy a Snyder’s dozen at Taco Bell.

“16 tacos would get me through several late nights of game film,” Snyder said. “I’d buy a pack and feast for a week.”

Quarterback Jesse Ertz and kicker Matthew McCrane said on Twitter they also like the number.

This story is an April Fools’ joke and not intended to be taken seriously.

Jason Tidd graduated from Kansas State University's Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2017. He was the spring 2017 editor-in-chief, fall 2016 news editor and spring 2016 assistant news editor. While at K-State, Jason played baritone in the Pride of Wildcat Land marching band.