You know you are a journalism major when…


… you are kind of nosy but not the least bit sorry about it.” Danielle Cook, sophomore in print journalism

… you haven’t seen the other side of campus (from Kedzie Hall) in a year.” Jane Chaffee, senior in advertising

… your friends tell you to stop asking so many questions.” Emily Moore, junior in print journalism

… your friends hate your major.” Tyler Wehmeyer, junior in digital journalism

… your roommates are all studying for tests and you’re not.” Mitch May, senior in digital journalism

… you look at print ads and focus on the design of print ads around campus.” Kelsey Blakley, senior in advertising

… you’re always walking between Umberger and Kedzie and you’re not quite sure if you should claim the College of Agriculture or the journalism school as your own.” Kaitlyn Alanis, senior in agricultural communications and journalism

… you text in AP Style.” Jason Tidd, senior in print journalism

… people assume you’re bad at math.” Rafael Garcia, sophomore in print journalism

Kelsey Kendall
Hi everyone! I'm a senior in journalism and cultural anthropology. My favorite things are storytelling, coffee and meeting new people. In that order.