Street Talk: What are you currently binge watching?



“13 Reasons Why,” it’s so goods I can’t stop watching it, but I still liked the book better.

Abby Denshaw, freshman in international business and mass communications


Right now I’m watching “New Girl” because everyone needs some comedy and “New Girl” is hilarious. I’m already on season 5 and I love it.

Marley Barnett, freshman in anthropology pre-law


“13 Reasons Why.” I read the book in junior high so I had to see what the TV series would be like. Once I watched the first episode I was hooked!

Grant Thompson, freshman in public relations


Currently I am binge watching “Friends” because my friends from home used to have a “Friends” night and I wanted to bring it back to K-State and share it with some new people in my residence hall.

Emma DeMaranville, freshman in communication studies


Right now I am binge watching “Breaking Bad” because I am trying to squeeze in as much down time as I can before finals week.

Reilly Jensen, freshman in biology and pre-medicine