Street Talk: 18 and older bars



I don’t mind it as long as it’s not too crowded. To me, I don’t have a preference between 21-plus or 18-plus bars, it depends on the place not the age.

Laurel Palmer, sophomore in family studies

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I think they’re a great way for college kids to go out and socialize with other people in Manhattan.

Hunter Jobbins, freshman in athletic training

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I enjoy it now because it’s a fun place to go but I think when I’m 21 I won’t like it as much because with minors being allowed it makes it more crowded.

Sam Lubbers, sophomore in finance


I enjoy being able to have fun and meet new people in such a cool, clean environment.

Drew Waters, freshman in nursing

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I do not have a problem with it as long as everyone is being respectful.

Blake Scarmeas, junior in education