Food trucks and avocados: Students learn health benefits of the superfood

Students check out what the Avocado Truck parked in a lot outside the Derby Dining Complex had to offer on April 24, 2017. (Regan Tokos | The Collegian)

Food trucks are not a new trend for Kansas State students. Currently, there’s the Varsity Food Truck, Vista Food truck, food trucks outside the K-State Student Union and others throughout Manhattan.

A new spin to the mobile food service craze made its way to the K-State Monday afternoon as the “Avocados from Mexico” campaign brought its traveling food truck to campus as part of its #AvoActiveTour. The event was sponsored by Housing and Dining Services.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. students could participate in the offerings of the campaign, ranging from prizes to free breakfast foods to a giant game of Jenga, all based around the fruit from Mexico. Samples included avocado toast, avocado smoothies and parfaits.

With music playing and a bright blue and white truck splashed with avocado motif parked out front of the Derby Dining Center, students had the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and the special visit from the campaign tour.

The purpose of the campaign is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the incorporation of avocados into the diet of those reached by the campaign.

“The AvoActive Tour — the main goal is to create awareness,” tour manager Alex Guati said. “We are hitting different spots; we are going to colleges, retail stores and we are creating awareness on how to use the avocado as a healthier way of creating meals, other than just the typical guac and chips. We are showing that avocados can also be used in smoothies, parfaits, as a basic slice of avocado — it will boost your health.”

Avocados have several health benefits, Guati said, through its antioxidants, proteins and minerals. The avocado is also in season year-round.

“The goal is to promote an active, healthy lifestyle, for people to eat healthy, even for breakfast,” Sadie Quarles, local AvoTour representative said. “Avocados can be incorporated into breakfast as well. One ounce of avocado has nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients; they make a great super breakfast. They are on the superfoods list.”

The event allowed for students to socialize, try new foods and learn about the superfood in a unique way.

“I got the avocado toast, and it was pretty good,” Mikaila Woods, sophomore in biochemistry, said. “I love it because I am a real big fan of avocados and guacamole and everything, but we never have it at the (Derby Dining Center). I was really excited that it was coming for us to try.”

The event was also a way for students to gain a new perspective and understanding of different foods.

“I tried the avocado and yogurt smoothie; it was really delicious,” Laura Geven, freshman in animal sciences and industry, said. “I really like the flavor. It was super fresh. I really like (events like these) because it gives us a chance to try new things that we wouldn’t have tried before.”

By using the hashtag on social media, students received free T-shirts, complimentary coupons and informational booklets were given to all participants.

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