K-State Singers not cut from budget

The K-State Singers perform during their joint concert with In-A-Chord April 22, 2016, in McCain Auditorium. (File photo by Parker Robb | The Collegian)

Contrary to a circulating rumor, the K-State Singers show choir group has not been cut from the music department, said Julie Yu-Oppenheim, program director and co-director of choral studies.

Yu-Oppenheim said the existence of such rumors indicate a level of support for the the group.

“It makes me very happy to know that people are concerned about the art program,” Yu-Oppenheim said.

Yu-Oppenheim said the only decision the music department has made is to cancel the K-State Singers’ annual spring audition due to planning concerns and budget and space issues. An alternative time for those auditions has not been decided.

“We like so many other colleges and departments are feeling the same effects of the nationwide financial concerns,” Yu-Oppenheim said.

The K-State singers last performed with a cappella group In-a-Chord in an annual spring concert in McCain Auditorium Friday evening.

The ensemble started its spring show with a variety of numbers that highlighted its member’s singing and dancing abilities, while In-A-Chord finished the show with a demonstration of accompaniment.

“The show went perfectly,” Suzanne Schulte, senior in English and choir member, said. “Out of the four shows I have done with K-State Singers, I thought this was one of the smoothest ones we have had.”

The K-State Singers, also known as the K-State’s “singing ambassadors,” have performed around the world and country since 1954 and “shared their love of music with thousands every year.” The group also performs several local concerts throughout the year.

“Singers gives me an outlet to perform when I otherwise wouldn’t get to as a biology major,” Zac Donley, junior in biology, said. “I have made best friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I cannot tell you how much these people mean to me.”