Bluestem Bistro renovates: New look, more space

Owner Kevin Peirce stands behind the counter in Bluestem Bistro on April 27, 2017. (John Benfer | The Collegian)

Bluestem Bistro finished remodeling its location last month, and many of the staff members are happy about it with business picking up and sales rising.

“It’s really brought a new dynamic to the place,” said Vicki Sears, Bluestem Bistro manager. “The remodel not only freshened the place up, but it’s brought my fellow staff members closer and really helped the teamwork aspect of things.”

With a new look and more open space, the staff at Bluestem Bistro can take more time focusing on their customers and the dynamic of staff teamwork.

“The new bar area would have to be my favorite part of the remodel,” Sears said.

Becky Buckner, a Bluestem Bistro employee and sophomore in secondary education, said the renovation includes a new bar that is more accessible for people to enjoy their drinks.

“The seating in the place is a lot more open now and gives the customers more options for lounging,” Buckner said. “Before, the seating was okay … now with the new layout, it seems more spacious.”

Many students like to come in for coffee and lounge while they do their homework, though space was always an issue, Buckner said.

“I love the new renovation and seating, although I do miss the couch and the chalk table that was by the door,” said Rebekah Mally, junior in apparel and textiles.

Mally is a regular at the coffee shop, enjoying more than just the menu.

“I come to Bluestem Bistro not for the great coffee and food, but for the people that come here,” Mally said. “The people here are unique, and I enjoy meeting and having conversations with them.”

Mally also shared that a benefit of the new bar area is being able to talk to the employees as they are working. This has the potential to improve employee and customer relations while the coffee brews.

“We as employees are very proud of the renovation to our bistro,” Sears said.

Many Bluestem Bistro employees and customers appreciate what the renovation means for the shop now and in the future.

“This place is like our baby, so to see it grow is special for our customers and staff,” Buckner said.