By the numbers: Undergraduate majors

(Graphic by Audrey Hockersmith)

Kansas State is home to 143 undergraduate degree plans and majors, according to the Office of the Registrar.

With instruction for each of these majors spread across campus in classrooms, laboratories and other study spaces, K-State served 16,249 undergraduate students during the spring 2017 semester.

Seven colleges comprise the university’s academic structure, spread across campus from the College of Arts and Sciences’s home in Calvin Hall to the College of Agriculture’s home in Waters Hall.

The College of Arts and Sciences ranks first in terms of undergraduate enrollment, with 4,709 students enrolled in one of its many majors.

Biology majors account for 463 of Arts and Sciences students, or about 10 percent. Mass communications majors come in second within the college, totaling 280 students. Additionally, 694 students are listed as open option, meaning they have not declared a specific major.

The College of Engineering ranks second with 3,424 students enrolled. There are 810 students enrolled in mechanical engineering, 497 in computer science and 320 in chemical engineering.

Within the College of Business Administration — the third largest college — there are 2,316 students. The college’s largest major, general business, has 1,031 students, making it the most popular major university-wide as well. Marketing and management come in as the second and third most prevalent majors within the college, with 345 and 294 students, respectively.

Additionally, the College of Agriculture ranks fourth with 2,271 students and the College of Human Ecology fifth, enrolling 2,035 students.

Within the College of Agriculture, 912 students are enrolled in animal sciences and industry, making it the college’s largest major.

In the College of Human Ecology, kinesiology sees the largest major enrollment, with 551 students.

“I really like dietetics because it’s very applicable to everyday life,” said Abbi Collins, sophomore in dietetics. “Food affects the body in many different ways, and I see situations every day where I’m reminded how I (will) hopefully help people through my career someday.”

Finally, the College of Education comes in sixth with 1,048 undergraduate students, and the College of Architecture ranks seventh with 415 individuals in the program.

“I think the most beneficial part about the elementary education major is the requirement of in-classroom experience throughout your four years,” said Chloe Reiss, freshman in elementary education. “It really helps to give you a background in the field and prepares you for your own classroom after graduation.”

A small technology department not tied to a specific college exists as well on K-State’s Manhattan campus, enrolling 31 students total.