Street Talk: Dead Week



Frankly it has been a really tough week. As the week has gone on I feel like I’ve gotten duller …

Pencil, freshman in eraser shavings


I can’t stand this week. Nobody ever pays attention to me. I try to notify them that their friends are calling or that there is a new episode of the Kardashians, but no! They just put me down, don’t look at me and pretend I’m not even there.

Smartphone, sophomore in distraction


Agitated. Everyone just keeps pushing my buttons.

Calculator, senior in always running out of battery when you need it most


It’s been awful, I have never felt so used. No one ever comes to me the entire semester and then bam! Finals are here and people think they can just write in me like it’s no big deal.

Daily Planner, freshman in organizing


I’ve been feeling really weighed down. It’s like someone is making me carry around pounds of books.

Backpack, junior in travel operations


I am just so confused. People will take notes and do their homework with me, but for some reason they leave me at home when those stinking blue books and Scantrons are used.

Pen, junior in calligraphy and doodling


It’s been a weird feeling this week honestly. I haven’t felt very well rested, something just keeps draining my batteries.

Laptop, junior in googling